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As professional electrical contractor, Inexma currently focusses on data centre’s, retail shopping centre’s, warehouses and residential and commercial developments. For the future its attention will also be on infrastructure development to include electrical reticulation, street lighting and renewable energy.

Expertise in electrical infrastructure installations extends to low voltage (50V – 1 000V), medium voltage (1 000V – 35 000V) and high voltage (35 000V – 245 000V). This is supplemented by in-house electrical engineering with design input, BIM coordination for design and supply and providing of a complete solution being solution driven.

Compliance and pro-active planning are considered the key to success with an emphasis on program/schedule, H&S and QA/QC.

Our offer and commitment to the client is quality workmanship, which we consider as the most important element of out business. This followed by standardization, cost effectiveness and a deep consciousness of project schedules and keeping to it.

Working in a team and to be accommodating with others are a key element of the Inexma culture. This goes hand in hand with problem solving and transparency in what we do. Communication with other engineers and the main contractor is high on out priority list.

We are a Level 2 BEE company with knowledge and experience as part of our DNA.